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Lindsey M. Pastorova MSN, RN

WHOLE30 Certified Coach

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Through her nursing practice, Lindsey realized her love for educating others.  She pursue a graduate degree in education and shortly after was introduced to Whole30.  She is now on a mission to educate her community about the benefits of whole foods without additives and how they can support a vibrant life for everyone.  She believes eating the right food for you can optimize the life you are living to best each and every day. 

For the past 2 years, she has been passionately raving about the amazing effects of Whole30 and finally pursued the Whole30 Coaching Certification. Once successful in this endeavor and introduced to the Whole30 community and resources, her mind has been wandering how she could make this into her full-time profession. As she pursues her permanent direction aspiring to be a functional medicine health coach with the emphasis on functional nutrition, she wants to help others meet their health goals and reset with the Whole30.

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Lindsey's Coaching Focus

  • Working Whole30 into a busy lifestyle

  • Working with family's with young children

  • Support through pregnant Whole30

  • Efficient meal planning and preparation

  • Completing Whole30 on a budget

  • Learning to listen to your body and understand what it needs